Are you resisting the whispers of change in your life?

You know its time to shift, but you keep putting it off because it feels overwhelming or just downright scary.

You’re getting those whispers from your inner voice, reminding you to do something you’ve been putting off, or giving you a gentle nudge about where to focus next?

And you tell yourself “yeah, yeah, I’m should do that”… but you never get there.

Sound familiar?

That’s resistance kicking in.

Resistance comes from your mind which is intent on keeping you safe and in your comfort zone.

The important thing to understand is that the voice of your soul needs to be heard too.  This voice is tuned into a higher frequency.

Your inner voice or intuition is in tune with the broader universe and it’s job is to help you connect to the bigger part of you.

And the more you tune into this voice, the more you understand it, and trust it.

Sometimes that inner voice seems to have bigger plans in store for you, sending you messages about which direction your career or business could take next.

These ideas are big. They require some deeper contemplation – and they push us to see ourselves differently.

To be brave.  To be fully you.  Often, they seem too big and we put them aside.

But sometimes our soul won’t take NO for an answer!  What do you do then?

This happened to me recently and it ended up changing my life.

A few years ago I was feeling restless. Waking up most mornings for the better part of a year with that tiny inner voice gently telling me it was time to move on from my high pressure job and do something completely new.

I resisted of course.  I was at the top of the corporate ladder, earning great money, but the voice would not give up.

Damn! That voice was a persistent creature! It just wouldn’t give me a break.

I kept saying no, and it kept sayin ‘yes’.

In the end I mustered up all of my courage and  jumped out of my senior, secure, well paid job and then set about trying to work out what it was I should do next.

I had run my own business before and the idea of running my own business again started to feel like a potentially good idea.

I wasn’t sure where to start, or what sort of business to do,  so I started researching, and getting spooked, and resisting.

In fact I was the queen of resisting!

In the end I ended up starting a little company helping other businesses create an online presence – but in the end, my heart just wasn’t in it.

Fast forward another nine months of soul searching, of losing myself completely and finding myself again and I ended up here.

At  My new baby.

But there is one further twist in this tale. A secret I had been keeping my whole life.

In order to get here and create a business that utilised all my talents and skills to help my clients thrive, I realised that I had to come clean.

Yep, you guessed it, that inner voice was at me again..

There was a big part of me that I had hidden from the world for many years and I could no longer ignore it. A part of who I am and one of the reasons why I have been successful in my life so far.

You see I am intuitive. For me, my inner voice has always played a big part in how I navigate my life.

I knew I often sensed things about people that I met.

When I  managed teams in my corporate days, I could take one look at my management team and work out exactly who the stars were, who needed some coaching, what their core strengths were and what was holding them back from performing at an even higher level.

But for most of my life I played down this part of me and put it to one side. As a kid I knew that other people didn’t quite see the world in the same way I did.

And as I got older, this part of me didn’t feel like it belonged in my busy life as a working mum, and it certainly didn’t fit in a corporate office either.

I knew I had to incorporate this side of me into my business, but I was terrified of what people would think of me if I told them I could tune in and know things about them. 

I pictured people looking at me and quietly backing out of the room, quietly moving away from the crazy, incense burning, spooky chic.

Was I scared?  Abso-blinking-lutely.  And in the end, I knew in my heart that I just couldn’t ignore such a big part of me anymore.

So in late 2013, I decided to embrace my gifts and just be ME.

Fast forward to now, and what you see here now reflects both parts of me:  The kick ass business strategist AND  the spiritual pathfinder.

So here are my tips for listening to your inner voice and deciding what to do with the messages you are receiving.

4 Keys To Managing Resistance When That Inner Voice Is Trying To Get Your Attention

1. When your inner voice speaks, LISTEN

We all have an inner voice.  That gentle whisper from our soul.

It often appears at times when our minds are most clear:

like first thing in the morning, just as we wake, or when we are blissfully zoning out in the shower, or when we are doing something physical like exercising or yoga and our minds are focused on our movement, not our thoughts.

Our soul uses that gap to fling off a message about our bigger dreams, our greater potential, our deeper longings.

So when this happens, honour that voice and listen to it.

Focus in on how the message feels – Exciting but scary? A bit out of my comfort zone but interesting?

If a message is persistent, I will acknowledge it and surrender to it.

I actually say to my inner voice, my soul:

“ok, I hear this message and I surrender to it.  I trust that you can see my world from a bigger place.  If this is something I’m meant to do more with, show me how.”

Then let it sit with you for a while and go about your day.

2. Is the message positive and persistent?

When there is a persistent positive message, even if it feels scary, stop and listen to it.

Give it room to slowly unveil itself to you.

In my experience, the more persistent a message, the more important it is to pay attention to it.

(And as you see from my own story, I have been a very slow learner with some of this stuff!)

3. Are you getting signals elsewhere in your world telling you the same thing?

True story.

I have a dear friend and whenever we catch up we talk about what is happening in our lives, and for the last 6 months or more, every time I see her I get such a strong message for her that she needs to write.

She is a fabulous, entertaining and thought provoking writer and people love her stuff.  I actually think she could make a great living blogging about some of her passions.

Each time we catch up, we talk about writing and she says “yes I should do it…” and I say yes you do, then leave it to sit with her and wait for the universe to tell her how serious this ‘you should be writing thing’ is.

And it did…

She recently travelled overseas.  Before she left she put together a discussion paper for a senior group of executives in the company she does work with. The paper was thought provoking and could potentially be seen by the group members as being a little tricky to discuss and make decisions on.

After the meeting finished, she was astonished when one person rang her to tell her how well written the paper was despite the subject area being rather tricky.

So she thought, ok – its that writing thing again!

The last time she travelled she wrote a fantastic travel blog which all of her friends loved reading.

So guess what all her friends kept asking while she was away this time? Why aren’t you writing about your travel diary again?  We absolutely loved reading it.  (I giggled when she emailed and told me this.)

In her email to me she said she felt she still wasn’t ready, until she went out one night, and a man she didn’t know came up to her and asked “are you a writer?”.

No she replied, but maybe I should be!

So, the moral of the story?

When you get a message that’s:

a) positive (even if a little challenging)

b) persistent – it keeps emerging even when you keep putting to the side, and

c) consistent – you start to hear, read, or see things around you hinting at the same message

It’s probably worth taking seriously.

4. If some of the above is true, find a group of safe people to test drive and brainstorm the messages and feelings you are receiving.

For me, this final step was a lifesaver.

I was lucky enough to find a group of soulful business women who I just clicked with straight away and over the last nine months I have test driven my intuitive muscles.

Was it scary? Yes.

Did it get easier each time? Absolutely.

And that’s how I ended up here. It’s also how I’ve ended up working one on one with my beautiful clients and in my unique way, helping them find their sweet spot too.

Perhaps for you the messages are about expansion of who you are in other ways.

Maybe the message is about moving somewhere, or teaching something that you are currently learning yourself, or stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something completely new or even stopping something.


What about you? Have you ever had that persistent inner voice or consistent message from the universe to step out of your comfort zone and do more?

And what did you end up doing?

Tell me about it in the comments!

What you share here could help someone else listen to their own inner voice too.


Clare xx

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  1. Positive, persistent, consistent! There are a few things that fit into this checklist for me right now. One message is about getting back to running. So I’m going to listen, listen, listen (and run) and see where it takes me! Great post Clare!

    1. Thanks Christie. I get that nagging feeling too when I don’t move in some way every few days. The trouble is for me, I get reminded by my inner voice and my body too :)

  2. Beautiful article, Clare! I can totally relate. I have a similar story (except for being an intuitive!)- ignoring the voice telling me to leave my secure, senior corporate position to do something big. It’s scary but worth it. I think most of us, if we can even make the decision to listen to our intuition and make a change, have to continuously reaffirm ourselves. It’s after the decision has been made that many of us struggle even more. Thanks for sharing this. Love it! x

    1. You’re right Anne. Sometimes making the decision is a big thing but then the fear and doubt kicks in afterwards too, that’s why its important to plan out any big decision and talk it through with family and friends, particularly people who have been down the road you are thinking of taking.

  3. First off, CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby – the virtual kind, that is! Your site is beautiful – clean and expansive.

    And secondly, another big WOO HOO for bringing all of your gifts – especially the intuitive ones! – to the work you do in the world. You were born this connected for a reason, and to ignore that does a disservice to those you’re meant to serve.

    Like you, I bring all of my “spidey-senses” into everything I do, and I’m swiping this process from you (with credit of course!), as one more way to confirm and affirm that brilliant intuitive voice:

    When you get a message that’s:

    a) positive (even if a little challenging)

    b) persistent – it keeps emerging even when you keep putting to the side, and

    c) consistent – you start to hear, read, or see things around you hinting at the same message

    It’s probably worth taking seriously.


    1. Thanks Sabrina. I’m glad you tune into your intuition regularly.

      Each day I start out with the intention of pricking my ears up whenever I get a signal from my intuition about something.

      I often ask my inner voice questions about things I’m not sure of, and then wait to see what information/words/signs I get back over the next 24 hours to help me work it out.

      I’m glad my 3 step process helped you.

  4. Hello Claire, I totally get where you’re coming from coming out of the woo closet. Even though we are all psychic we tend to bury our voice of wisdom, which is really sad because the ego sometimes has a much harder time learning life lessons that our soul is already aware of. Congratulations on finding the right path :) that is admirable.

    1. So true Victoria.

      When you tune in to the whispers of your soul and then trust the feelings and information that you get, its extraordinary how much energy is released that has been sitting behind any resistance you have.

      I have experienced that myself recently and really been astounded by what is held back from you until you surrender to the bigger dream the universe has for you.

      Thanks for your encouragement Victoria xx

    1. So glad this helped you Susan.

      I find that even if I decide to ignore my inner voice it just keeps at me anyway :)

      Good luck Susan xx

  5. Sigh. So close to surrendering. This might well have just tipped me over the edge.

    Right, loins girded and braced….now I just need to remember to breathe.

    Thank you, Smark Spooky Chic who’s always right.

  6. Ania,

    I have complete faith in you.

    You will work this out and the answer is not as far away nor as hard as you think.

    Love you lots


  7. Hey Claire, great post! I love this as its been happening to me this week too. Positive. persistent and consistent – yes!! Finding a supportive group to share it with I think is where most people struggle, getting that inner voice heard and hearing yourself actually say it too. We can all intellectualise, but getting it out there is the biggy. Congrats on finding what you are passionate about!

    1. Thanks Farah. You’re right about actually using what you hear – it can be tricky sometimes because it can take us out of our comfort zone.

      Ultimately, if that inner voice is positive and persistent enough, I think its always worth exploring the direction it’s suggesting you go, even if you make a decision not to do something right now, at least you have thought it through.

  8. Hi Clare, I found you via Karen Gunton, and just wanted to say I love this post. This might be one of the only posts I’ve ever read about how to understand what your intuitive messages are in a practical and simple way; knowing to watch for persistent, positive and consistent messages makes it so much easier to disentangle them from the ego ones! {Which are admittedly mostly recognisable by ‘shoulds’ and anxiety but sometimes it’s more subtle than that and hard to discern.} Am off to investigate your website further. :) So glad you decided to follow your messages so you could operate from your whole self :) – it seems crazy to me not to use our intuitive side in business as in everything else, but I know not everyone thinks that.

  9. i love love love this, clare! thank you for such an honest and helpful journey into understanding resistance. (i’m dealing with a teeny tiny bit of this myself right now.) “Was I scared? Abso-blinking-lutely.” yes. me too. but i’m going to do it anyway.

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