Ever felt so fearful of being completely, unashamedly honest about who you REALLY are?

So fearful it made your stomach churn?

Well the launch of this new site has felt exactly like that to me.

Every single step has required a deep breath and pushing through despite feeling sick most of the time.

So in celebration of finally getting this new website up and running, I wanted to be REAL about what it took to get here.

So consider this is an honest confessional and celebration all at once!

I can now say that I’ve finally gotten to the end of what has felt like an enormously deep, UNRELENTING journey of inner self discovery and dare I say it, bravery.

For the last couple of years I have fart-arsed around (that’s my technical term) with my business.

I’ve worked with and helped some incredible women using both my intuitive powers and my business smarts.

But my bigger calling – my purpose has been on my tail for the last couple of years daring me to come out to the world as who I was truly born to be.

Not the person I thought I needed to be in order to run a successful business…

(I’d tried the old ‘do this thing, get this sort of traffic, say this and you’ll be successful’ game)

and it just didn’t work…

So I went back to the drawing board and scrabbled around the edges of my calling, hoping that by dancing around the edges I’d get the exact ‘right’ answer on what to do next, or the bravery to just get started (or both).

And that didn’t work either.

And I thought Shit. Now what?

And so I decided to just give the hell up.

Not give up on understanding what my purpose was… I was never going to do that.

But I finally gave up on trying to do it any other way than what my persistent, gentle intuitive voice was quietly telling me to try.

So I surrendered. I knew I couldn’t work this confounding shiz out on my own.

I knew I needed help from something bigger than me, and that I had to stop pushing and trust that the universe/myguides/god/the angels/someone?? could give me some signals as to where I needed to go next.

So I waited.

I looked out for the tiniest signs and signals that could give me the information, ideas, encouragement, skills and feeling I needed, to truly KNOW that I was heading in the right direction.

And slowly but surely they did – trouble was, the service I was being asked to do in the world was on the edges of woo woo…  it felt like woo woo squared.

Or woo woo on steroids.  Crazypants woo woo.

Shit. I thought – Now what do I do? Whistle quietly and pretend I didn’t hear what my intuition was telling me?

Yep – that sounded like a good plan, and it worked for a while, the problem was though, that my purpose was a force to be reckoned with.

And it wouldn’t give up on me. (God bless it’s cotton socks).

So I was brave and started doing intuitive sessions with gorgeous women.  And what I found once I jumped in was that I loved it.

I also found out that I was pretty friggin awesome at it too, and more importantly… it allowed me to shine a warm encouraging light into the lives of extraordinary people and make more of a difference than I ever thought possible.

…but my calling wanted more.

I had a talent not many people have and my soul/guides/heart wouldn’t let it go.

And having had a highly successful ‘normal’ corporate career, I couldn’t help but worry about how people would now perceive me as I moved house and started to camp out in the land of  some people might perceive as ‘spiritual/woo/incense burning/caftan wearing hipsters’ ? ?

I was already doing intuitive sessions with people – what would the world think if I took that gift to a whole other level?

God damn. Another big dilemma. Do I go so far out of my comfort zone and do what my soul and my heart and my guides were quietly asking me to do?

Do I go out into the world, risk ridicule and derision by some people so that I can truly be part of transforming the lives of others?

My ego said noooooooooo…. are you nuts!!!

My heart said of course you will, you’ve known this for a long time…

My intuition sat quietly and gently held me when I wobbled. When I started to experiment with my new gift it was there to reassure me.

So I got brave. And I asked for some help.

Some help and support for me to practice this new skill I had.

I wanted to test it out thoroughly so that I could be sure that what I was actually doing was not just my ego, but was coming from a bigger part of me.

And my beautiful husband Randall stepped up to the plate and said he would help me settle into this new practice – this new way of using my intuitive gifts to help others.

And so we practiced. And practiced. and practiced.

I was still scared – scared of doing it right. Scared of sharing it. But there was a force behind me, and energy of rightness that just never went away.

And then I got really brave.  I asked some beautiful women if they would be prepared to sit with me while I used my new gift to see if it would help them.

And to my surprise – they said yes! Of course we will.

And so we sat down one weekend, in a house on the beach, and we did our first official One Circle Session together.

And. It. Was. Magical.

My soul sisters laughed, and cried.

We talked of the big things in life. Of family, relationships, business, children and love.

And I am forever grateful to Karen Gunton, Kelli Dudley, & Louisa Gormley for standing by me. Thanks just doesn’t seem enough.

So my first test worked. And I spent more time practicing and we did more sessions together.

I still got wobbly though. I gotta be real here.

The responsibility of connecting my friends to my intuitive skills in this new ways would wake me up in the middle of the night worrying that whether the information that came through was accurate and real and helpful.

I felt a huge, heavy responsibility to get this right – because when we got together and did these sessions, we were talking about the really BIG things in people’s lives – love, money, family, children, business, confidence, life, death, health.

I loved these women and I truly was terrified of getting it wrong and letting them down.

So I played a little more. I Introduced a small number of incredible women to these sessions and had some more success.

And now I’ve now (finally!!!) decided that I can’t hide this anymore.

Thank you especially to those people who have reached out in friendship – Karen Gunton, Kelli Dudley, Louisa Gormley, Louise Glendon, Maria Davis, Trudy Simmons, Emma Hannan, Melanie Sorensen, Aerlie Wildy Anne Clark, Kerry Rowett, Kerry Jeffery and more xxxxxxx

Oh and my new sessions?????

The are called the One Circle Sessions.

And they are an intuitive session with me, but with a TWIST!

These sessions involve a small group of women who come together to ask questions of my guides.  My guides are the source of all my intuitive information, so when you come to me for an intuitive session, I tune into my guides and receive information to help answer any of your questions about what is going on in your life right now.

The difference with my normal 1:1 Sessions and the One Circle sessions is two fold – firstly, the One Circle Sessions are small group sessions of around 4- 6 women entrepreneurs, who come together to ask questions and get answers from my guides.

The second difference is that instead of asking me – you get to ask my guides directly who are a group of intuitive, deeply wise, uplifting fun souls whose only purpose is to help you step into what you were born to be.

Everyone has guides. Some people call them their guardian angels or you may feel that they are like your departed family members who look after you from heaven.

So what I do, is to go into a deep meditative state so that I can step back and allow these incredibly clever and funny souls to come and talk to you about your biggest questions about your life, your business, your relationships, your purpose, money, babies or anything other conundrum or big question you’d love to get an answer to.

Some of you might know of Esther hicks and the Law of Attraction – Esther and I do the same thing.  We step back and allow you to get insight and hear wisdom from them.

The best way I can describe it is that I’m a ‘connector’ – just like those ladies who used to sit in the very early telephone exchanges where you had a phone that went through to the operator who was sitting in front of a huge switchboard filled with wires.

The operator would then ask who you wanted to talk to and they would then take hold of the phone wire on the switchboard and plug it into the connection for the person you wished to speak to.

And like magic you would then be speaking to Aunty Betty about Uncle Bob’s hernia :)

And just like those early switchboard operators, I connect you from one side to the other!

So there we have it! I’ve now outed myself and I actually feel ok. Phew!

So right now I do 1:1 intuitive sessions on skype with people all over the world, and I’m also now planning to do some traveling in Australia, the US and parts of Europe to sit with incredible women and connect you directly to my guides ????

Punching out upper limiting moves this year I’m tellin ya.

If you got this far, thank you.

I just had to make sure I ended this week by finally owning who I am in the world.

And it feels real real good. Not as scary as I thought it would be.

So now its over to you.

What’s your favourite strategy to use when fear overwhelms you?

And when have you used it and seen great results. Share as much detail as you can so we can all learn from your experiences.

Leave a comment below.

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  1. Good for you! I love your new offering. I relate to this. A few years ago, I started getting messages from Angels. And now I do angel card readings – in addition to being a community planner, a divorce coach and all the other business stuff. It’s awesome to have a woo side of self!

    1. Oh thank you Summer for that feedback. How awesome are you for listening to your angels and using it to help people, and I love that you combine it all the other business stuff you do.

  2. Absolutely love this Clare!!!
    My heart swells for you. Thank you for shining your light, and bearing your soul. You’re already awesome, now the world will see and benefit from it. What a divine blessing!
    LOVE always,
    Clare x

    1. Oh Clare, thank you for being here and for your beautiful kind words. Owning what you’re truly here to do isn’t always the easiest journey but its so worthwhile persisting with it because the rewards you get from just being you and doing what you love.xx

  3. What a fabulous story and journey you’ve been on Clare. I salute your bravery and your willingness to explore this new path and I love how the Universe supported you once you asked for help (well, they do say ‘ask and it is given’ especially sweet Esther and Abraham Hicks) through your husband and friends, so you can now share your awesome gift with the world.

    When something overwhelms me or I feel fearful, that’s a message to me that I’m cutting myself from my true knowing. That discomfort is, as Abraham-Hicks would say, my emotional guidance that I’m somehow off track. So, I do whatever it takes to gently get back on track, to get back to my truth of joy and fun. That may include EFT tapping, a pep talk, some energy work or just letting it go for a little while. It’s getting easier and easier to sense when overwhelm or fear means I’m sabotaging myself or that the project is one I’m forcing and may not be what I truly desire.

    1. Hey Ferris, I love that you have become really attuned to the signs that you are beginning to feel fearful.

      And its great that you have found some ways like EFT or simply deciding just to put those feelings aside for a while to give you the space to find some fun or joy or ease to focus on instead.

  4. Clare, what a beautifully transparent post! I love your story, your message, and your woo-woo! Embracing your gift makes it possible to share it on such a large scale in order to serve the rest of us. Thank you for sharing such a beautifully vulnerable part of your journey!! My strategy for fighting fear is to rattle off contradictory statements. When it creeps up, I state all the reasons the fear may not be accurate or may be overreacting. I remind myself of times I’ve been in similar circumstances and did just fine. It’s a combo of both by head and my heart. I need both to shrink fear to it’s actual value and not it’s larger-than-life shadow. Thanks again for such a soul-baring post and congratulations on your debut!!

    1. Hey April
      I love the idea of talking to my fear and giving it contradictory statements about why something will be ok.
      I like the idea of sizing up fear too and shrinking it back into proportion too.
      Awesome suggestions April that I’m going to try out myself
      Clare xx

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