Hi I'm Clare.

I help you build a business and life that has purpose and meaning and allows you to do more of the work you love

Our Business Philosophy Is that every woman we work with deserves our upmost respect and our dedicated attention to her needs.

Which is why we love this quote from Mahatma Gandhi:

" A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, she is not dependent on us. 

We are dependent on her.

She is not an interruption in our work.

She is the purpose of it.

She is not an outsider in our business.

She is part of it.

We are not doing her a favour by serving her.

She is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so."

Mahatma Gandhi

You are here and you're ready to leave your mark on the world.

You want to build a business that delights your clients and allows you to live your purpose and serve the world in a bigger way.

And its important to you that you're on the right path. 

That you're doing what you came here to do.

But finding the right business idea and bringing it successfully to life is not always easy, particularly when you're passionate about making a big impact on the lives of the people you serve.

You want to be successful and do something that matters, but on some days you wonder whether that's even possible.

If that sounds like you, then Welcome, you are in the right place.

The Journey To A Purposeful Business

It is possible to tap into your bigger purpose and to live your life from that place. And I'm living proof.

Right now I've finally stepped up to meet my purpose and look it straight in the eye and say 'YES'.

Yes to building a life that will make a real difference to the way women in business connect to their purpose and step into their own becoming. 

I spend my days helping soulful, creative women build a successful business that allows them to to leave their mark on the world and earn money doing more of the work they love.

But my life wasn't always like this.

For a long time I was trying to build a business that just wasn't me.

A business that in theory had all the things in it that were 'sure to guarantee success'... but what I found was that none of that stuff really worked for me. 

Yes, on paper my business ideas and model looked like a winner...

But what it was missing was the essence of ME. 

And in trying to build the 'ideal, guaranteed to be successful business' I'd lost touch with my bigger WHY.

What was missing was the next chapter of my calling...

That new expression of my gifts and talents that I only ever shared with a handful of people.

The next evolution of who I was meant to be and what I was put here to do.

So after much procrastination, nashing of teeth and sheer force of will I finally jumped.

Straight into the unknown territory of a spiritually centred business.

A business that finally matched who I had become.

And given you've read this far....

Maybe this is something you can relate to as well?

But here's the thing: what I discovered when I'd run two successful consulting businesses and climbed right to the very top of the corporate ladder (international travel, large teams, responsible for $750 million budget, stress, long hours etc etc) was it no longer fulfilled me. 

I knew I wanted more. But what the heck was more?

And it was when I'd finally reached the pinnacle of what most of us think of as a 'successful' traditional career path, I realised two really important things:

Thing No 1:

'Is this all there is?'

Thing No 2 :

There was something bigger calling me...

...The trouble was, I had no idea what on earth that could possibly be.

I looked around my world and all I could see was more and more of the same shiz, different day. 

I knew I just couldn't stay on the traditional career pathway  anymore.

That's when the next realisation hit me..

That A Life That Is Fully And Unashamedly Lived, Requires That You Commit To Continuous Evolution Of Who You Are While You Are Here.

And that's what living your purpose is all about...

A continuous, never ending curiosity about who we are becoming.

 So nowadays, I call myself an Intuitive Pathfinder. 

So what the heck does an Intuitive Pathfinder do and how does that help you?

I'm A Purpose Finder, A Meaning Maker.

I can tune into you and get a sense of your talents and abilities and how they might grow and combine together to fuel the stage of your purpose journey. 

So what do I mean by your purpose journey?

Well contrary to popular opinion, I believe that your purpose is not a 1 time thing. My own experience in following my purpose and in supporting others to do the same, has shown me one simple thing - that following your purpose is in fact:

A Journey With No End.

THE TRUTH IS:  Apart from a small percentage of people who know from very early on what they want to do with their lives, most of us have to spend time delving into the continually evolving layers of who we are.

A purposeful life is all about exploring where our intuition and curiosity challenges us to open up new layers about who we are and what we are here to do. 

Its about nurturing and exploring the ideas you have and want to explore and play around with to see if they fit you. 

Its about going to places you want to see, meeting people you want to learn from, and using what you learn to guide you in uncovering the next layers of who and what you may yet be.

So How Can I Help You Specifically?

I believe that your purpose calls to you:

And that it calls to you via your intuition.

That your bigger calling knows what you need to learn while you are here... 

And that it very gently and consistently sends you a range of:

  • signs,
  • symbols,
  • people and circumstances,
  • books,
  • goose bumps,
  • new relationships,
  • bad breakups,
  • aha moments, and
  • unexpected coincidences

All of which are specifically designed to capture your attention and to inspire you to decide on the next step you need to take. 

Another Common Mistake Is Believing That Your Purpose Requires You To Find That:


WRONG WRONG WRONG! - It just doesn't work like that. 

Your purpose is not a one time decision where you put your hand into the lucky dip barrel and pull out a note that tells you what you'll focus on doing for the rest of your life.

You are NOT A FAILURE IF YOU CAN'T FIGURE OUT THAT '1 THING THAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING' - cause there is no such thing. 

It's not a test that you can get wrong.

Its an adventure with no end.  There are no 'right' and 'wrong' choices.

There are no wrong answers, only lessons to be learned from those dead ends we pursued that didn't pan out.

And enormous joy and expansion from those decisions we made to go with our heart, to serve others in even bigger ways, to love more, and to forgive ourselves along the way.


And your calling, your purpose - that thing that gives meaning to your days and constantly whispers to you to stretch a little further is your biggest cheerleader and your greatest supporter.

Yes - it will sometimes ask you to jump across that big, scary gap between where you are now to discover your next new adventure..

But it is always ready to help you step into the excitement of taking your new ideas, inventions, concepts and service to the world.

But on some days, the idea of changing things up and stepping into the unknown feels terrifying.

And there are 3 really important things we need to actively manage in order to have the courage to step into what we were born to do:

Thing 1: FEAR:

The ability to look fear in the eye and do it anyway.

I've personally felt fear myself every single time I jumped to a new level in my life.

And nothing was quite so scary and exhilarating as working out how to start my own business.

I'd had my own businesses before where I consulted to organisations but they hadn't been passion projects.

But this new intuitive pathfinder role was a step completely out of my normal and because of this, I allowed fear to rule me for way too long, until I finally put in place the strategies and supports to look FEAR in the eye and understand what fear is really all about.

Which brings me to:


Any big leap in how you define yourself in the world always brings with it another thing we humans don't like: not being able to predict what will happen next if we change things up. 

​Learning to live with and respect uncertainty is one of the hardest things for us to do when we are opening our hearts and leaping into the unknown.

And uncertainty comes in different disguises, like:

'I just don't even know where to start'

'I don't know everything there is to know about this subject area so how can I ever be successful'

'I don't think I'm smart/good/clever enough to do this. Lots of people know more than me'

Which brings me to Thing No 3: THAT IT HAS TO BE PERFECT!

And perfectionism can be a silent killer of passion

The good news is that once you start to spot it, you can see it coming and stop it before it takes hold.

I Don't Know Enough, So I Can't Make It Perfect, So I Can't Even Start​.

If I don't know enough how can I make it PERFECT?

And if I can't make it perfect, why would anyone buy it?​

All of us have used these sorts reasons to justify not pursuing our passions and purpose before.

And let me tell you, in my journey to create this page and my business, for the first time in my life and career, I allowed these forces to overtake me time and time again.

Until One Day I Decided "Stuff It" - I'm Doing It Anyway

So When I Work With You, I Can See What's Holding You Back and Help You Shift Your Blocks And Manage Your Fears So You Can Live The Life You Were Put Here To Live

Since diving into my intuition and connecting with my bigger purpose my intuitive powers have grown to a point where I can sit down with you and see:

1. What's holding you back and new ways to unravel those blocks so you can take your next big leap with more confidence.

2. I can see what your soul is calling for you to do next as part of living your purpose. My job is to show you step by step how to tap into even deeper layers of what you were put on this planet to do. 

3. I can see the bigger picture for your life and I can describe it to you in ways that helps you break it down into easy steps so you can bring it to life.

4. I sense where your hesitations spring from and can show you the best way to manage them.

5. I see your special gifts and show you how to use and apply them in your business and life.​

I've been where you are and I know that it is possible to follow your purpose and pursue you dreams.

With the right support from someone who's done it and understands the tools and practices required, its achievable.

I worked out how to find and follow my purpose and I'd love to help you do the same.

And I am here to support and guide you to live a delicious, purposeful life

Clare xx