Hi, I'm Clare J Fitzgerald 

And I help ambitious women in business create a life that fills you up from from the inside out first...


Hello And Welcome

I'm Clare J Fitzgerald And I Am A Spiritual Medium And A Coach. 

I help ambitious women in business create a business and life that fills you up from the inside first...

...So that you can begin and end your days having all the potential clarity, energy connection and creative confidence you need, to grow your mission in the world. 

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I Liked you immediately.  I felt heard, held and inspired. 

I also thought you were incredibly smart when it came to business ideas.  

The level of intuition or instinct was quite remarkable.

You were spot on in so many areas of my life and business,  And I was blown away. 

I took a leap of faith after working with you, And I'm so glad I did.

  I would recommend you to any woman in business who needs divine guidance, 

It feels so comforting to know that I am on the right path and I am being guided and supported."


“Every time I have a session with Clare I feel a vibrating sense of excitement that I am about to learn something that will really help me on my journey!

Since working with Clare I feel like I have more clarity about my business journey

and so much more confidence that I'm indeed on the right path…

The thing I like best about working with Clare is that not only do I get to hear the messages that my guides have for me But, I also get the added bonus of Clare’s genuine support and desire to help me 

...so I am not just left on an island trying to make sense of it all!


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