When you look out across the horizon to the future, what do you see?

You've had your share of ups and downs in your business and life.

You've experienced those moments where life is good and things just flow.

And you've had those endless days where nothing seems to go right, and whatever you try doesn't fit anymore.

Where everything feels a little overwhelming and you find yourself disconnected from your intuition, and you know you are playing too small.

And you begin to have those tiny moments of doubt, when you wonder if you are truly following your soul's work.

The path ahead is feeling a little murky and you're unsure of what is the right next step for you and your business.


What no one ever tells you, is that the feelings you are experiencing are signals from your intuition that it's time to take your business and life to a whole new level of joy and success and wonder.

And what no one ever teaches us is that when fear and self doubt begin to set in, its really a message from your internal intuitive system that its time for you to take what you've learned and what you teach and amplify it.

When you sit down with me and my fun loving, wise guides we see these uncertain times as the catalyst for an exciting new chapter of your life...

We see the progress you've made so far and the delicious adventures you create with each new step you take.

And when we connect with you, we see the whole of your unfolding adventure, not just the tricky questions, inner doubts and big questions you are focused on right now.

We see the incredible leaps of faith you have taken and how those moments changed the course of your destiny.


We see beyond the uncertainty to the landscape of possibilities that surround you.

We see where your choices have led you so far, and the endless array of new adventures you have to choose from.

When we tune in, we take a birds eye view of your life as a whole:

A delicious amalgam of moments, that when put together make up your unique journey.

But lets be clear:

We understand that on some days, accessing this higher perspective can be tricky when you are in the middle of a busy life.

So when we sit down with you 1:1, we take both a 10,000 feet helicopter view and of your whole journey to give you a sense of your bigger journey.

Your Soul's Journey.

And we dive in deep into your current circumstances and questions.

So that you walk away with information and support from both perspectives.

And it is from this higher level perspective that we draw our answers to your questions.

I loved the opportunity to work with Clare. I found Clare so warm and inviting.

Clare gives a strong sense of calm, understanding and encouragement.

I arrived at my call feeling confused and full of self doubt, I walked away feeling empowered and so ready to take it all on.

When you're feeling self doubt or unclear, Clare is the perfect resource to have in your repertoire to get you back on track. I have no doubt I will be back to work with Clare time and time again.

Anne Clark
Anne Clark www.firststepvirtualassistant.com.au

Clare was able to relay the message from my guides that I had been hoping for and I was excited to know that I was indeed following my soul's work.

This was exactly what I needed to hear!

I felt a very strong reconnect with my intuition and my guides after our session and I have made space daily to make sure that I don't disconnect from them again.


Sonya Lovell
Sonya Lovell sonyalovell.com

I wanted clarity.

I wanted energy from the outside.

I wanted an energy booster coaching experience.

I wanted a day where I didn't need to figure it all out myself.

I loved that I had an hour with a positive cheerleader in my corner.

Your phrases will stay with me for a long time.

I loved the encouragement to bring all of me to my course.

I have connected with someone I can turn to in times of confusion for clarity and energy boosting.


Nikki Smith
Nikki Smith nikkismith.net.au

You feel you should be able to figure this stuff out yourself right?

You're a smart, switched on soul.

You're intuitive and resourceful.

You know you are here to make a difference - in your work, with your family and friends, and in your life.

It makes sense then that you want clarity and confirmation that you are on the right track and doing the work you were put here to do.

Importantly, you want insight into anything you are doing to block yourself from living the life you desire.

Sound like you?

Then Welcome. You're in the right place..

During our session we will dive into your questions.

Peer into your future.

And see the real you -  see your gifts and give you suggestions and ideas to help you express them.

We'll also do something a little different to most other intuitive sessions and give you practical business strategies, plus mindset techniques and tools that you can immediately use to shift to where you want to be.

You'll get love and encouragement and some time out where you don't need to figure it all out by yourself any more.

We'll also help you strengthen the connection to your inner voice and give you some 'surprisingly' simple techniques so you can tune in and get your own answers between sessions.

I wanted to borrow your guides to get some insight into anything I was doing to block myself living the life I desire and to see if they had any general guidance for me as I have wiped to slate clean and starting from scratch.

I REALLY liked that you gave me tools to use, it is super annoying when people just say 'live in flow more' or 'let go' and you have no idea to do that!

So it was cool to be given some practical tools that I will definitely use all the time.

Do it! You don't have to have your business idea nailed to get value from a session like this one.

The information given is from a really helpful, loving place - you will definitely get value from a session with Clare.

Caroline Carruthers
Caroline Carruthers

I was emerging from depression and recovering from surgery. Things were murky around me. I wanted help in clarifying....and hope.

The shifts I have made?

My compass is different.

Watching myself: "Do less to do more." It's a bit uncomfortable not filling each day to overwhelm and extreme fatigue.

Clare - you meld all areas: personal, business, parenting.  And, are a great communicator.

That you have experience in the business world is very helpful as you are grounded and not entirely "woo woo."

Cynthia Renee
Cynthia Renee

I'm your intuitive pathfinder and business breakthrough guide.

I tap into your world and give you a soulful perspective on your life and your purpose.

When we meet I use my intuitive gifts to see where you are right now in your work and life. 

My strengths are in seeing the path of your purpose: your bigger soul journey...

The things you came here to learn, share, create and experience, and where you are currently in that journey.

As I tune in, I pull back the curtain so that you can see the options and opportunities before you.

As we talk, I get a sense of any underlying blocks, fears or beliefs that may be getting in between you and your big dreams. 

We will also have a chat about your talents and gifts and the potential opportunities you might consider to use them in your business and your life.

Often these conversations unearth new and unexpected pathways for positioning yourself as an expert in your niche,

Or encouraging you to step into and own your personal take on a topic you are passionate about.

Or new ways to speak to and create value for the people you were put here to serve.

And we have fun. And laughs. And tea. I always bring tea.

Oh and did I mention - I looove to share practical methods, tools, and resources you can practice and use after our session?

Plus if its something you're interested in, I share with you some simple reconnection practices that you can use to build an even stronger connection to your intuition too.

Oh, and it's a kaftan and crystal ball free zone round here.

Not that I have anything against crystal balls, they just aren't my thing.

I'm a regular aussie girl who happens to have a knack for tuning in and seeing your world from a different perspective.

Really, I'm just like you - an entrepreneur carving out my own place in the world.

I decided to run my own business after a successful executive career that paid well, but didn't give me the joy and challenge that comes from running my own show.

And it took me a long time (yep...loong time) to figure out a way to fully embrace my intuitive powers and combine them with my business experience to help people own their unique brand of brilliance in the world.

When we get together, I connect to my intuition and give you a glimpse into your life that's tricky to see when your living in amongst it.

During the session I draw from a unique blend of business, spiritual and mindset techniques, and roll them up with the information I receive about your soul journey, to help you hone in on your gifts and then express them in the world.

No fuss. No fluff.

Just information delivered with a big dollop of encouragement and love.

Best of all I looove that I get to do this every day. And I'm actually pretty good at it -  or so my gorgeous clients tell me.

Trudy Simmons

It was like a light bulb turned on and everything was light again!

I learnt that I need to do a baby step each day - it doesn't have to feel like a HUGE step to do something different. I heard and organised a whole new program!

I absolutely would recommend and have recommended Clare to other people.  I have never had an experience like it and I want everyone else to have that experience too!

Trudy Simmons, thedaisychaingroup.com.au

But I'll let you in on a little secret...

I don't do all of this on my own.

I'm lucky.

Actually, I'm blessed.

I have an incredible group of loving, witty, insightful, wise-cracking guides that help me.

They give me the messages you need so that you can leave the session with information and guidance that is helpful and encouraging.

The way you leap straight into sharing the insights from my guides

It immediately sets the scene for an intimate discussion with a *knowing* that 'others' are present.

It feels incredibly warm to know that I have a team of spiritual cheerleaders who are urging me on.

And that the more I unplug from technology and the busyness of life, and plug into nature and quiet, the more regularly I will be able to connect with my cheerleaders.

I am pumped today!

And solid in the knowledge that I am living my purpose.

Shalome Doran
Shalome Doran rockstarbirth.com

I knew Clare would be wonderful and exactly what I needed!

I wanted more clarity with my business direction and also some reassurance and encouragement.

I loved discussing the 21 day challenge and how I can use targeted Facebook ads to grow my list.

It was very helpful knowing there's people out there who can help me with this and also teach it to me.

There's was a perfect balance of the two.

I feel more at ease. I love that I have a clear picture of projects to concur over the next 6-12 months.

I'd recommend your services to other bloggers and entrepreneurs who need some clarity and also some business mentoring.

Elizabeth Rose Codrington
Elizabeth Rose Codrington lifewithelizabethrose.com

1. Click the button on this page that says 'RESERVE MY SPOT' below.

You'll be taken to a NEW PAGE to PICK A TIME for your session.

When you get to that page, SELECT THE CITY you live in from the drop down menu.

Then choose THE INTUITIVE SESSION, pick a DATE AND TIME that suits you.

You'll then be able to PAY VIA CREDIT CARD OR PAYPAL.

Once you have paid, you'll GET AN EMAIL CONFIRMING YOUR TIME.

2. Before we meet, I'll spend 30 minutes doing a meditation and connecting to my guides.

During this time, I receive a rapid flow of information about you from my guides.

As I sit in front of my computer, I see and listen into the information coming through and take notes like a court reporter on a busy day.

I save these notes in a document that I refer to during our session.

These notes are then sent to you to keep after the session is completed and many of my clients go back and refer to them regularly to soak up the insights, suggestions and encouragement that they contain.

NOTE: This extra PRE-SESSION information isn't something that others normally provide, but  I am committed to making sure you get everything you need from our session together to help you take your next big leap

YOU GET A TOTAL OF 90 MINUTES OF MY TIME - 30 minutes where I tune in and download a direct message for you from my guides (which my clients tell me is worth more just on its own)

PLUS you get an additional 60 minutes where I do a 1:1 session and answer all your questions.

3. I'll call you via skype

I'll send you a request to connect on skype, you accept and we're on our way.

Grab your favourite beverage, throw on some comfy clothes and we'll get started.

4. As we start to chat I receive information

My guides give me the information you need to hear in different ways.

Sometimes I will hear information via my inner intuitive voice - giving me information in response to a question you have asked.

Other times I also see images and symbols - a bit like watching a movie in my mind's eye - and then I explain them for your particular situation in your work, relationships and life.

And sometimes I feel things too.

All of this is then combined with my own business and spiritual knowledge to give you a complete picture of where you are now...

Plus options and ideas for you to consider in the future, all wrapped up with a big dose of love, encouragement and fun.

5. There is always time for questions

We leave time for questions too.

It goes a bit like this -

We chat, we talk about the information that has come through and then we chat some more.

Simple. Easy. Fun.


I found Clare to be very warm, compassionate and encouraging.

She led me to my own wisdom which is always more empowering, but also mentored me when I needed it.

There's was a perfect balance of the two.

I feel you'd be great for anyone wanting an intuitive reading, no matter what area of their life they wanted to focus on.

Elizabeth Rose Codrington
Elizabeth Rose Codrington lifewithelizabethrose.com




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The 1:1 Session with Clare for 60 minutes + my bonus

BONUS  - you will get an additional 30 minutes of my time BEFORE OUR SESSION, where I tune into you and receive a flow of information about your life that I type up as it comes through.

This document is then sent to you after the session to keep and read whenever you need it.

In total you get 90 minutes of my time which I normally charge a lot more for.




Email: info@ClareJFitzgerald.com


Which probably means that your serious about following your passion and making the impact you were put here to do.



Are you where you want to be or are you craving more?

Do you need some divine guidance and clarity about your business or life? A new spiritual perspective on your life?

Are you embracing and living your purpose?

Are you selling yourself short or playing too small?

Are you tuning into and listening to your own intuition?

Maybe you just need some time out where you don't have to figure all this stuff out by yourself anymore.


Where you'll be given a warm (virtual) hug and some time out to get all that stuff out of your head and make sense of the world again.

Imagine having greater clarity about your life and business.

Imagine connecting to your intuition and feeling more deeply guided and supported.

If you're here - something drew you here.

Follow your intuition.

Grab your session time and I'll see you on the other side




Clare xx


Email: info@ClareJFitzgerald.com