How To Follow Your Purpose Even If It Scares You Senseless

By Clare Fitzgerald

Ever felt so fearful of being completely, unashamedly honest about who you REALLY are?

So fearful it made your stomach churn?

Well the launch of this new site has felt exactly like that to me.

Every single step has required a deep breath and pushing through despite feeling sick most of the time.

So in celebration of finally getting this new website up and running, I wanted to be REAL about what it took to get here.

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How To Become A Market Leader? Act Like One.

By Clare Fitzgerald

Let me ask you a question.

What do you need to do to be a market leader in your business?

If you were a leader in your field:

A person at the top of your game, rubbing shoulders with the people you admired the most when you first started your business, what would you be doing right now?

If that was you, a person who was quoted in the media, invited to speak at conferences around the world, what would you be focusing on in your business today?

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Afraid Of Change? Try This Instead.

By Clare Fitzgerald

Are you resisting the whispers of change in your life?

You know its time to shift, but you keep putting it off because it feels overwhelming or just downright scary.

You’re getting those whispers from your inner voice, reminding you to do something you’ve been putting off, or giving you a gentle nudge about where to focus next?

And you tell yourself “yeah, yeah, I’m should do that”… but you never get there.

Sound familiar?

That’s resistance kicking in.

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