What If You Could Build A Business And Life Where You Get To LIVE YOUR PURPOSE And Do More Of The Work You Love?

How would it feel to wake up knowing that you are creating a life and income that brings out the best of your natural talents and passions?

If you knew you could create a business that inspires YOU and delights your clients?

What would that mean to your sense of purpose?  To your feeling of being on the right path and making an even deeper impact?

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I help you find and live your purpose and leave your own unique mark on the world, even if it feels like you've tried everything to make your business work

When I Finally Listened To My Intuition And Jumped Out Of My Corporate Career, I thought I Knew What My Purpose Was And How I Would Build My Business Around It...

But Boy Was I Wrong...

I believed that my business would need to be an extension of the work I had been successfully studying and working in for the better part of a couple of decades.

But the universe and my soul had bigger plans for me.

And what I discovered after long periods of testing different ideas (and none of them really working), was that the transformation I was MEANT to be helping my clients achieve was so far away from my corporate job it made my head spin!

It turns out that bigger part of me (that soulful big dreaming adventurer we all have inside us), wanted me to dream an even bigger dream for myself - which both scared the hell out of me and excited me in equal parts...

What If There Was A Way To Unravel The Layers Of Your Purpose And More Easily Bring It To Life?

Contrary to what you might think, there is a way to take your talents, experiences, ideas, dreams and intuitive hunches - and use them to help you understand and navigate your bigger purpose for being here.

Even though following where my purpose was leading me felt scary, I had to do something.  I was going around in circles trying to work out what I was meant to be doing with my life next,  and so I finally decided to see if I could reverse engineer what living a purposeful life really meant...

My starting point for this adventure was my intuition - whenever I felt drawn to something or it just 'felt right', I explored it Be it a scientific article, a spiritual practice, a creative pursuit or a single sentence in a TED Talk that made me cry - I took notice.

Little by little, I began to test all the ideas, practices, theories and spiritual philosophies I was guided to, in order to see what helped me feel more and more attuned to what my soul was calling me to do.

And eventually by trusting my hunches and navigating more via my inner intuitive sense, all my exploration and playing around with ideas bought me to where I am today. 

And helping people to build a business and life rich with meaning and purpose is why I am here.

I now have a much clearer idea of the next steps in the evolution of my bigger calling and a process that I guide people through to help them more easily tap into, and be guided on their own purposeful journey.

The best part of this?  It's a process that anyone can use to help them better understand and navigate their own purposeful journey.

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What People Are Saying

When you're feeling self doubt or unclear, Clare is the perfect resource to have in your repertoire to get you back on track.  I have no doubt I will be back to work with Clare time and time again.                                    ANNE CLARK

 If you are doubting your purpose, check in with Clare.  She is for anyone who wants to break free of the critical voice of ego and fear and tune into and honor their own intuitive voice within.                    KERRY JEFFREY

Clare taught me that it doesn't have to feel like a HUGE step to do something different.  I  heard and organised a whole new program, that gave me back the feeling of expansiveness!             TRUDY SIMMONS

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